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Welcome to K. K. Service Co., Ltd.

K. K. Service Co., Ltd. is a service company helping foreign customer¡¯s International
Business in Korea.
We have wide experience in helping our customers to obtain successful achievement
in their businesses related to steel structure industries area in Korea.
Our service is mainly focused on business coordination activity for customer's
business (especially fabrication project) in Korea, such as Excavation of quality
Korean fabricators with high technology & fabrication capacity , Information gathering
service about the excavated Korean fabricators for reasonable evaluation, business
coordination service, vendor inspection service and procurement of human & material
These days, the nations in the world are experiencing the extremely fast change of
International business environment as result of revolutionary technical progress in
computer and transportation industries.
Formerly, the popular topic of international business world was ¡°KNOW HOW¡±, but
these days, the matter of common concern; the new topic of international business
world is¡°KNOW WHERE¡±.
In other word, reliable information about trustworthy fabricator, local monitoring
activities and understanding local industrial culture become more important than
any other time in the history.
Customers' satisfaction at our service activities and Customers¡¯ successful accomplishments in their business are the highest value of ours.
Please contact us, and you will have the key to the successful business
accomplishment in Korea.

Introduction to K. K. Service. Co., Ltd.

Name of Company
- K. K. Service Co., Ltd.

- April 1st 2002

- Jakil, Koo

Technical & Commercial Cooperation
- TOA Nondestructive Inspection Co., Ltd. , (www.toandi.co.jp)
- ISC (Ishida Consultant)
- Vantage NDT

Main Service
- Business Coordianation Service
- Vendor Inspection Service
- Procurement of Human & Material Resources
- Q/A, Q/C Agent Service

- Address: 826-28 Yangduck-dong Masan Kyungnam Korea (630-490)
- Tel: - 82-(0)55-293-3146
- Fax: - 82-(0)55-255-3146
- Email: jakilkoo@hanmail.net